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Using Standards Aligned System to Ensure 21st Century Teaching and Learning Institute

December 7 - 10 , 2009

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Develop a conceptual understanding of the six elements of the Standards Aligned System supported in the context of resiliency in schools to increase student achievement in both instructional and emotional domains using 21st Century strategies.
The Standards Aligned System (SAS) is finally here! So, what is this and why should we be excited about it?
SAS is NOT a portal. Although we will be using a new and powerful portal to access the six elements of SAS and all the resources that will be launched and will be added to the site, SAS is more about how we think and act differently. The six elements of SAS (clear standards, fair assessments, a curriculum framework, instructional strategies, materials & resources and interventions), when combined, provide educators with a common framework for the continuous improvement of each student by name. Research continues to support that integrating these six elements improves student achievement.

At the heart of this institute will be an effort to empower each of you to be a part of something bigger than any of us individually. Your facilitators have been “coached” to get each of the participants to join in as PDE develops a new culture of thinking and acting around a standards aligned system. So, we will all be learning and doing together and when we leave on Thursday, we should all have a sense of what SAS is and what it isn’t. If we leave with a sense of collaboration, a higher level of understanding of SAS, a beginning knowledge of how the portal can enable us to get to those ever growing SAS resources, then we will have considered this institute a success.

Six Circles of the SAS

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