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Each member contributes to the learning in the Tower! We will guide our learning process together.

Facilitators for our sessions are:
  • Teresa Shakespeare, PDE
  • Anna Sainzdelapena, PATTAN
  • Beth Cornell, 21st Century Teaching and Learning Mentor

Welcome to our Tower 1 wiki page.

It is from here that we will link to the activity pages for the institute.

Discussion Tab

Take note at the Discussion tab at the top of the HOME page for the wiki. There we can post questions and thoughts for others to see and comment upon. This will be our Parking Lot for our questions throughout the week.


  • Homeroom 1 (Mon 2:30-4:30) Welcome and Introduction
  • Homeroom 2 (Tues 10:45-12:00) Standards and Framework
  • Homeroom 3 (Tues 2:00-3:15) Assessment and Materials & Resources
  • Homeroom 4 (Tues 3:30-5:00) Instruction and Intervention
  • Homeroom 5 (Weds 9:30 - 9:40, 10:00am – 10:40am, 11:00 –11:40, 1:40pm – 2:00pm ) Model lesson discussion
  • Homeroom 6(Weds 2:15 - 4:00) Lesson Refresh
  • Homeroom 7 (Thurs 10:00-11:00) Culmination

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