Blue Room Homeroom 1 (Mon 2:30-4:30)

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The participants will:

  • Get to know one another
  • Understand the need for and will collaborate on the establishment of ground rules
  • Express what they are Excited about, Fears, Hopes
  • Explore digital resources on thumb drive
  • Access the portal for log on purposes only
  • Reflect on prior and just-learned knowledge
  • Discuss expectations for Action Plan


  • Ground Rules - these are the "rules of engagement" that we will abide by while we're working together in homerooms
  • Excited about/Hopes/Fears
  • SAS_SIP_action plan.doc
  • selfmanagedgroups(2).doc
  • Prior and Just-learned Knowledge
  • Parking Lot Discussion - use the Discussion Tab on this page
  • What's in your folder?
  • What's on the thumb drive?
  • Accessing the portal
    • Create your own login
  • What is a backchannel?
    • A "chat room" in which all participants are discussing the topic being discussed.
    • If you wish to backchannel with others, please do so with the following assumptions:
      • Be Professional!
      • Be Positive! (Do not share your negative thoughts publicly) - even if posting anonymously
  • Review and Exit ticket

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