Blue Room Homeroom 4 Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00

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Instruction, Intervention and Wrap Up of ALL 6 SAS circles


The participant will:

  • Understand how aligning teaching to the revised PA Academic Standards ensures the right level of rigor and relevance (authenticity).
  • Understand the importance of research-based strategies to address student needs.
  • Recognize the need for teachers to have a repertoire of instructional strategies, so that they are prepared to work with students at all ability levels.
  • Describe how the Standards Aligned System supports differentiated student learning through the principles of Universal Design for Learning: multiple means of representation, action, expression, and engagement.
  • Review accommodations and modifications, which support specific student needs to meet/exceed grade level standards.
  • Recognize the need for a plan for how to differentiate instruction to support individual student learning goals based on data.
  • Recognize that a strong, standards aligned instructional core, supported by resiliency elements is the foundation for instruction and intervention.


  1. Table Organization: from Roles in Homeroom 3 to seating by district team in Homeroom 4
  2. Sustainable change activity
  3. Instruction
    1. Random reporter (Count 1 - 8)
    2. Instructional Design
    3. Comparison of Original to New Bloom's Taxonomy
    4. Range of Use Activity
    5. Type of Instruction: Engagement Video (use Teaching Matters DVD)
    6. Making the connection from instruction to the other SAS circles
  4. Intervention
    1. Resiliency
    2. Random reporter activity for student Mac.
    3. Individual Case Studies
    4. Returning to the 6 SAS circles
  5. Wrap-Up
    1. Application to each school district
    2. Sustaining Change in each school district - Rubber band
  6. Celebration

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